About us

LMI Soft is a young company oriented to the implementation of solutions Just in Time in the area of Information Technology (IT).

We have skilled professionals and well-defined work processes that guarantee the quality of our products and services.

We are committed to all our customers, being our duty to assist, orientate and help them solving their problems and meet their needs effectively and efficiently, guaranteeing the highest levels of professional and institutional satisfaction.

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What we do


We provide systems engineering services, customized software design and development, information security, outsourcing, systems support and maintenance, technical advice and assistance to small, medium and large sized companies.

We offer all kinds of business solutions based on a wide range of technologies: Java (JEE, and JME JSE). NET, C, C + +, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, Flash, Flex, OpenLaszlo, Visual Basic, Delphi.

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How we do it


Our main objective is to satisfactorily comply with all requirements in the agreed upon time and manner based on the proper implementation of methodologies, skills, tools, controls and follow-up procedures.

We focus our efforts in walking small and medium sized companies through their growth and development processes, analyzing the problems of each client and designing a joint plan to satisfy each requirement.

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