LMI Soft is a young company oriented to the implementation of solutions Just in Time in the area of Information Technology (IT).

We have skilled professionals and well-defined work processes that guarantee the quality of our products and services.

We are committed to all our customers, being our duty to assist, orientate and help them solving their problems and meet their needs effectively and efficiently, guaranteeing the highest levels of professional and institutional satisfaction.

Our wide experience in technology consulting and software development allows us to provide an excellent service that increases the efficiency and competitiveness of our customers.

We are an Argentine company that specializes in software development that involves big technological and innovative challenges on a wide variety of technologies such as Java (JSE).NET, FLEX, XML and Web Services.




To consolidate on the markets in which we participate by producing high-quality software.







To provide IT solutions for the growing needs of small, medium and large sized companies, ensuring the quality, safety and reliability of our products and services.