Technology developments

Home automation

System automation homes, offering services for energy management, security, welfare and communication. The communication is provided by a low-power radio frequency, using the ZigBee wireless communication protocol.

Digital Signage

A central computer prepares the ads that will be showed and it is responsible for scheduling and distributing to the remote monitors the sequence of ads to display automatically.

Set-top box interface

Graphic animated system to control and manage set-top boxes. A set-top box is responsible for receiving a digital signal, in one of the standards (cable, satellite, terrestrial, IPTV), verifies that there is permission to view this signal, and send it to the television. It also facilitates all the advantages that the new digital television offers, such as: conditional Access, interactive television (MHP) or high definition television.

Remote supervision system

System supervision and remote control of devices through the GPRS cellular network. It provides on-line measurements of sensors, historical information, advanced statistics, e-mails and SMS notifying alarms.

Surveillance system and alarm

A simple low cost surveillance system is obtained through the analysis and recording of images that allow viewing online everything that happens in a remote place. Alarms are triggered through the analysis of images and movement. All you need is a computer, Internet access, and as many web cameras as you wish.

WEB Solutions

Static Sites

Simple web sites, focused primarily on showing permanent information, with an excellent graphical design, intended mainly for businesses that are not interested in intricated website designs, but simply to inform their customers of their products and their company profile.

Dynamic Sites

Taking advantage of the benefits of the latest generation of tools, we develop sites with dynamic contents, visually attractive, capable of supporting web applications such as database managers, forums, online consultations, intelligent e-mails, e-business ...

Dynamic Reports

System to load and manage information online that allows to conduct queries and view reports and statistical chart by Internet.